Knowing When Your Computer Needs Repair

Knowing When Your Computer Needs Repair

If your computer is broken, then the chances are, you already know it. But, do you know how to tell when it is going to break before it actually does? Most computers will provide users with hints that tell them that imminent disaster is close at hand. These hints can possibly give you the time you need to get the computer repaired before it is completely broken and there is no turning back. 

The following are just a few signs you need to watch for because it is your computer telling you, hey! I am about to break and need some serious repair and fast.

It Is Running Slower than Usual

Some people feel that the computer will start running slower the older it gets, but when your computer is running slow, it can be several other reasons as well. Maybe you have a corrupt program, a virus, or it might be overheating. All of these can cause the computer to begin feeling bogged down and work much slower. 

The slowdown may be more noticeable when you are opening programs or booting the computer up. Sometimes, the slow down can even make your mouse move much slower, and this can be incredibly frustrating when you need to get things done. 

Overheating Issues

If your computer seems to be running hot or overheating, it could be a red flag alerting you of some damage. Computers are equipped with fans that are designed to blow the hot air out and cool the inner components to avoid damage. If the vents of the computer become clogged because of dust or even pet fur, then this can cause an overheating issue. 

Your desktop computer is in desperate need of some space in order to better circulate air. If not, the fan will be working overtime, and you may experience overheating and damage. The same goes for a laptop that may become too hot as well.

Blue Screen of Death

The blue screen is something we never want to see when working on our computers. It is a Windows error that pops up and causes the screen to turn blue and shows text and the error code. Windows usually will suggest that you restart to try to fix the problem. However, if a restart doesn't work and you are continually getting this blue screen and errors, then there could be a problem with your software or hardware. 

Strange Noises

Your computer is composed of several different moving parts, and sometimes one or more of these parts can stop working, or there can be strange noises that you will need to pinpoint to find the problem. If the fans are worn out, they can produce a screeching or grinding sound, and hard drives can start making a clicking noise. If the noises are ignored and are left untreated, then it can lead to more significant problems for your computer later.

Freezing and Crashing

If it continues to restart, freeze, or crash, then you can be sure there is some kind of problem that needs to be addressed. It can be software or hardware problems or even a combination of both. 

If you find that your computer is acting unusually and you feel that there may be a problem that needs a solution, the contact Finchum's Computer Service in Greenwood, IN to discuss what can be done. 

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